Remembrance Tree

Think of Me, Think of Light

This December, light a candle in memory or in honor of people who have impacted your life. Each donation will light up one candle below and support our work to increase awareness of suicide prevention, mental health & wellness.

We Send Love

To those battling mental illness, feeling lonely, grieving, caregivers of those with illness, and anyone who is struggling, realizing the holiday season may be difficult for some. You are not alone!

Our Candles Burn

In Memory Of

Erland Raduenz

~Janet Johnson~

In Memory Of

Donald Litzau

~Darlene Schmidt~

In Memory Of
Mitchell & Shelly Savage

~Audra Kraby~

In Memory Of

Selma Dose

~Brenda Jacques~

In Honor Of

Nate Dammann

~Darlene Dammann~

In Memory Of

Michael Thaemert

~Melanie King~

In Honor Of

All Who Struggle

~Kim Anderson~

In Memory Of

Tyler Carter

~Laure & Lee~

In Memory Of

Ricky Diehn

~Allen & Tammy Diehn~

In Memory Of

Shelly Teubert

~Allen & Tammy Diehn~

In Honor Of

Kim Wuethrich

~Catherine Mahon~

In Memory Of

Jaden Sander

~Alyssa Anna~

Keep the Light Burning

Support the work we are doing by giving of your time and helping us fulfill our mission to spread awareness of suicide prevention, mental health, and wellness!

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IN CRISIS? Call or Text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or Chat with a trained licensed counselor.
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